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DEFRA on Open Fires and Woodburning Stoves from Stephens Chimney Sweep

Posted on April 5th, 2018

There has been news in the media recently about the use of wood burning appliances and open fires. I am often asked if the Government are going to ban wood burning stoves or open fires.

DEFRA state in there latest publication We are not considering banning domestic burning. The Government recognises that many households have installed wood-burning stoves, and the Government is not seeking to prevent their use or installation. But we are keen to encourage consumers to switch to cleaner wood burning, this will directly benefit consumers in their homes, as well as improving the local environment.

DEFRA are currently seeking evidence from businesses like ourselves within the industry for data on the use of solid fuels such as house coal, smokeless coal, manufactured solid fuels and the use of wet wood for domestic heating. The Government’s long term strategy is to see households move away from polluting fuels like house coal and wet wood (above 20% moisture) towards cleaner technologies.

As you know we do try to encourage the use of good quality dry wood of 20% moisture of less and smokeless fuels, as well as ensuring your appliances and chimneys are regular swept and maintained.

Don’t forget that annual sweep!